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DOTA 2 is one of the most popular esports games in the online gambling world. With its popularity, many gambling and casino sites offering DOTA 2 betting found their way to the internet. On these sites, players get to play their favorite DOTA 2 tournaments and events and bet on these games as well. They also get to wager on some of the most popular DOTA 2 casino games like DOTA 2 Jackpot, Coinflip, and Roulette.

This article focuses on DOTA 2 Roulette, which is one game gamblers love to play. You will know how to play roulette, the best sites to play it, and how you can find them.

List of TopDota2 Roulette Sites with Promo Codes

If a gambling website ticks those boxes and has good user reviews, then you can register with it. The following websites are worthy DOTA 2 Roulette websites you can try out:

🥇 Rank 🌐 Site 💵 Bonus ❇️ Promo Code
1 CSGOEmpire a free Gift Case CSGO-BETS
2 CSGORoll 3 free cases and a 5% bonus CSGO-BETS
3 CSGOPolygon up to 500 coins CSGOBETS390
4 WTFSkins $0.25 gems for free 23149832
5 DOTA2Expert 5% first deposit bonus MjQ0NTYx
6 D2D-Roulette 3% (add D2D-ROULETTE.COM
to your Steam nickname)
7 Daddyskins 5% to deposit 1395576
8 Farmskins $1 and a free case CSGOBETS390
9 Gamdom Daily bonus up to $53.33 Ebets777
10 CSGO500 500 bux with promo code 76561199073100699

Whichever platform you decide to use, be sure it is the right one for you. Remember to have self-control when playing and stake wisely every time. Good luck.

Playing DOTA 2 Roulette

DOTA 2 Roulette is one of the best gambling games in the esports betting community. Many websites offer the game on their platforms because of its prestige and popularity. Roulette is an easy game to play.


In DOTA 2 Roulette, players have to pick the correct color where a virtual spinning ball will land. The colors include red, black, or green. Red and black colors give players a 2x reward on their stakes, while the green gives a 14x reward. Some gambling sites have game variants that reward players up to 50x their wager. Those websites use the x50 wheel instead of the 15x Classic slider. The x50 wheel has four different colors with rewards. The rewards for those colors include 2x, 3x, 5x, and 50x.

DOTA 2 Roulette Strategies

While Roulette is a game of luck, players have, through experience, found out strategies that boost their chances of winning. Two common strategies players employ include the Martingale and the Reverse Martingale.

In the Martingale, you stake low on a color that will give you a 2x reward. If you lose the wager, you double your bet on the same color in the next round. You continue to do this until you win. Though you double your stakes with this strategy, you run the risk of losing all your money if you continually lose.

In the reverse Martingale, players double their wager after winning. They continue to do so until they are satisfied with their wins. However, to be successful with this strategy, you will need to pick the right color each time, else you lose your earnings.

However, the key to success in the game is your ability to remain disciplined. If you keep to a strategy and it is successful, know when to pull out to avoid losing all your skins. Have control of yourself to prevent addiction and huge losses.

Getting Started With DOTA 2 Roulette

To get started, you must first have a Steam Account. With the Steam Account, you can access the Steam Community Market, where you can buy new DOTA 2 skins or trade old skins for new ones. It also enables you to play the game on DOTA 2 websites.

You must also be signed up to a DOTA 2 gambling site. There are many DOTA 2 gambling sites in the world today, but finding the right one to play is challenging due to the number of illegal sites available. Hence, you have to ensure the platform you choose to play the game on meets the requirements a standard DOTA 2 Roulette site should have.

After registering to join a DOTA 2 roulette betting site, you make your first deposit. Good sites reward their new players with welcome or deposit bonuses, which gives them an easy introduction to the game. With the bonus, you can try your hands on roulette without the risk of losing your money or skins.

Depending on the platform you register with, you can play roulette on skins or play using real money. With roulette on skins, players make wagers using their DOTA 2 skins or items. After making their first deposit, they convert it to skins on the Steam Market community. To do this, you must link your betting account with your Steam account. With real money roulette betting, you do not need to convert your money to skins before staking.

Tips For Choosing A Good DOTA 2 Roulette Site

Before you register for a DOTA 2 Roulette website, ensure the site has the following:

  • A provably fair system to verify the authenticity of each gameplay.
  • Promo Codes and Bonuses.
  • Licensed and Duly Registered by a  Gambling Authority.
  • A good gaming selection (More casino and esports games aside from Roulette).
  • Wide variety of payment and withdrawal options.
  • Excellent Customer Support.


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